The major in economics leads to careers in business or government and offers valuable preparation for valuable preparation for various professions including economics, finance, business, law and government. The study of Economics provides the opportunity to build a solid foundation for graduate study in many subjects. In this deep and broad discipline, our Moorpark College Economics faculty members focus on two essential objectives in teaching. First, to educate students in basic economic principles so that they can effectively understand public and private issues. Second, to offer fundamental training for those students who wish to use these essential logic and thinking skills of Economics as a tool to advance their careers.
Economics teaches analytical reasoning, offers an explanation of the working of economies in a global context, and enables us to understand how consumers and sellers make decisions in a market environment. An undergraduate degree in economics opens the door to many different areas of specialization that lead to numerous and often lucrative careers in business, government and academia.
The Economics program is designed with the purpose of assisting students completing Economics course work in having a thorough understand the roles of different economic sectors. Additionally, students will be able to analyze key economic concepts and ideas and evaluate key economic issues.