Students participating in the Business program will expand their knowledge of business for purposes of academic transfer, career enhancement, and completion of vocational certificate and degree programs. Students will develop an understanding of the different facets of business and the contribution business makes to the production of goods and services and the standards of living of people, as well as an understanding of the role ethics, social responsibility, and diversity play in business operations. Students will improve their written and oral communication skills, critical thinking skills, and work place skills to enhance their contribution to local, state, and regional economic growth and global competitiveness.
The Business Program at Oxnard College offers a wide variety of courses in business management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and accounting leading to the degrees of Associate in Arts and Science and Certificates of Achievement in Accounting, Business, Marketing and Management. In addition to the major coursework, which emphasizes business and accounting practices, the business program combines students in computer information systems and meets the needs of students targeting careers that meld knowledge of business and information systems.
Business degrees provide the student with an educational foundation in the areas of leadership, ethics, communication, project management, decision-making, and management.  Because of the broad scope of subject matter, business is an excellent preparation for a wide range of career paths, including accounting, business management, non-profit management, finance, teaching, and entrepreneurship.