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Miguel angel Rodriguez Lupercio, Human Resources Assistant (Bilingual)

Name:  Miguel angel Rodriguez Lupercio

Position:  Human Resources Assistant (Bilingual)

What does that entail?

I assist in the District Administrative Center and Oxnard College recruitments for classified, full-time and part-time faculty, management, provisionals, and professional experts. I am also the point of contact for volunteers/interns, and student workers within our District. Additionally, I facilitate proficiency testing for bilingual positions.

How long have you worked for the district? 

My work with the District began September 30, 2019.  

Were you a student at one of the District’s colleges and if so which one?  What was your major and your degree?  

I was a student at both Oxnard College and Ventura College. I earned an associate degree in general education and business.

Are you from the area and if not where are you from?

Yes, I was raised in Oxnard.

Share something personal about yourself:

I know how to read and write music and that has always been a passion of mine. Currently, during my downtime, I enjoy listening to some classical music, either Mozart or Beethoven. I am also an outdoor person, which means I enjoy hiking and water sports.

What do you find rewarding about your job or career?  

I know I play an important role in the District human resources department in meeting the hiring needs of our colleges. Our colleges depend on us to be able to recruit and fill vacant positions. I enjoy collaborating with different leadership to meet the needs of our colleges and our students.  

Two words to describe yourself: 

Caring, Outgoing       

Do you do any volunteer work? If so, what?  

I was volunteering at my local shelter home; however, I stopped due to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

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