Adjunct Professor of English
M.A. English/Creative Writing; M.Ed. Concentration in English; B.A. English/Sociology
Army Commendation Medal, Republic of Vietnam; NAPA Poetry Award for "Grandpa".
Mr. Boys' sketch shows a divergent thinking human being as his creative personal portrait.

Eric Boys teaches English R101, College Composition; English R101S, College Composition Co-Requisite Support; English R102, Critical Thinking: Composition and Literature.

Mr. Boys travels the world enjoying the people from all walks of life from the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

He plays the harmonica and strums an acoustic guitar. Painting, writing, photographing, and working with clay are high on his list of creative and fun activities.

As an eclectic, student-centered teacher, Mr. Boys believes each person is their own living literature as well as each individual is their own living memoir story, who is always evolving and growing.

In addition, he believes every person's Writer's and Reader's Voices empower them to recreate the person they dream to become, plus your most passionate hope and wish motivates each person to persevere and never give up, but to fully succeed in whatever endeavor you pursue.

The Child That Grew; Beginnings; "Little Lead Soldiers Saved My LIfe"; "Wild Strawberries" - a lithograph poem illustrated with a Shawnee hunter.