Project Budgets:

  • 100,000 Gross Square Feet
  • $27.74 Million Project Cost


  • State: $24.74 Million
  • Bond Measure S (Ex. B #48): $3.0 Million


  • Construction: 01/2005 (Completed)

Project Indicators:

  • Change orders ‹ 7%
  • Customer-requested change orders ‹ $25,000


  • KBZ Architects
Photo of Exterior of New Learning Resource Center
Photo of Interior of New Learning Resource Center

Project Objectives & Notable Features:

  • Replaces the existing aged traditional library facility;
  • Includes a TV studio, classrooms, class labs, tutorial area, language lab, disabled students training lab, open computer stations, book stacks, support spaces and faculty offices;
  • Boasts an oceanfront community theme: e.g."The Beach" is an open computer lab; blue and green glass fragments were cast into the sand-colored concrete floor finish.

Implementation Strategies:

  • Pile caps were rotated to avoid existing construction and additional costs.
  • To maintain quality workmanship, daily inspections and weekly coordination meetings were conducted.
  • The specified roofing material was inappropriate for the application and was changed prior to installation, saving time and money.