Project Budgets:

Parking Lots

  • 18 Acres Total Site Development
  • $2.4 Million Project Costs


  • Bond Measure S (Ex. B #19)


Parking Lots:

  • Design: 02/2003 (Completed)
  • DSA Review: 03/2003 (Completed)
  • Bid/Award: 04/2003 (Completed)
  • Construction: 08/2003 (Completed)
  • Landscaping: 02/2004 (Completed)


  • International Parking Design

Project Objectives & Notable Features:

The project provided (within the same overall area) additional parking for more than 600 vehicles by increasing the density of the existing surface parking lots. This was decided to be a more cost-effective solution to a proposed new parking structure, which would have cost thousands of dollars more per parking space.

Some existing trees were removed as part of this project, but more native trees were added, and the parking lot perimeter was buffered with landscaping. 

Implementation Strategy:

Because of the pent-up demand for additional parking and because the project was limited in scope such that it could be implemented over the summer, this project was targeted early as a potential "Quick Start Project."