The following is the full proposition presented to the voters by the Ventura County Community College District.

Ventura, Moorpark and Oxnard Community College Repair and Safety Measure. “To prepare students for jobs and four year colleges at Ventura, Moorpark, Oxnard Colleges, Education Centers at Camarillo, Conejo, Santa Paula, Simi Valley by repairing/constructing/equipping classrooms, laboratories, libraries, sites; replacing deteriorating buildings; upgrading fire safety, plumbing, heating systems, electrical wiring for computer technology; upgrading police/firefighting/nursing/paramedic training centers; shall Ventura County Community College District issue $356,347,814 of bonds, at legal rates, requiring Citizen Oversight Committee, annual financial audits and no money for administrators’ / staff salaries”

The Board of Trustees of the Ventura County Community College District has evaluated safety, class size reduction, and information technology needs in developing the scope of college facility projects to be funded.

In developing the Project List, Moorpark, Oxnard and Ventura College faculty, staff and students have prioritized key health and safety needs so the most critical needs are addressed. The Project List was developed with the input of several hundred faculty, community and business leaders who determined that if these needs were not addressed now, the problems would only get worse. They advised the Board of Trustees that it would be less expensive to upgrade and repair aging community college buildings and classrooms, than in the future.

Estimated Cost: $23,905,124

Construct Regional Fire, Sheriff & Police Education and Training Academy, including classroom and instructional facilities and equipment for Sheriff and Fire Training Academies, and replace outdated electrical and utility systems.

Estimated Costs: $104,239,503

  • Expand Learning Resources and Telecommunications Center by improving library space and computer classrooms
  • Add classrooms and lecture halls by converting old library space
  • Complete site improvements, upgrade fire safety and security alarm systems
  • Construct Academic and Computer Center, including adding computer science labs and other classrooms
  • Construct classrooms for the new Conejo Education Center, a joint project with the Conejo Valley Unified School District to serve the Thousand Oaks community
  • Construct a Joint Instructional Center with Moorpark Unified School District for college classrooms accessible to high school students
  • Construct a Simi Valley Education Center
  • Construct Health Sciences and math classrooms and lecture halls
  • Expand Student Services Facility for counseling, financial aid, other services
  • Repair old classrooms
  • Expand Student Center
  • Construct Child Development Center
  • Refurbish physical education facilities
  • Expand animal science education center to address student enrollment demand
  • Construct new operations and warehouse facilities
  • Build parking structure to alleviate neighborhood traffic congestion
  • Construct Fine Arts building
  • Expand Music Building
  • Retire capital financing

Estimated Costs: $110,983,187

  • Construct additional classrooms, labs, lecture halls; replace old portables (Buildings A, B, C)
  • Renovate Library & Learning Resource Center to bring library to current state standards
  • Construct Health Sciences Building and Instructional Media Facility, including adding more classrooms and labs
  • Renovate aging campus infrastructure by installing new wiring/electrical systems for technology
  • Construct High Tech Building, including classrooms, lecture halls, labs
  • Refurbish student facilities, expand bookstore
  • Construct Student Services Building to address overcrowding
  • Replace aging Child Development Center portables with improved, permanent facilities
  • Construct Performing Arts classroom and auditorium, including expanding teaching/performance space
  • Replace inadequate Health & Safety Building (Student Health Center) with safe facilities
  • Renovate athletic fields for safety compliance
  • Add new parking structure for pedestrian, vehicular safety
  • Construct maintenance warehouse
  • Retire capital financing

Estimated Costs: $117,220,000

  • Renovate 37 year old G Building/Auditorium, including replacing antiquated electrical, heating, ventilation, plumbing and lighting systems
  • Replace outdated Health Science Building (Nursing, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technician and Certified Nursing Assistant Programs), including adding labs, lecture halls, classrooms
  • Replace Portables and build General Purpose Education Building for permanent classrooms, labs, lecture halls
  • Construct Advanced Technology Education Training Building by building permanent classrooms, lecture halls, computer labs
  • Construct and upgrade science classrooms and labs
  • Complete construction of Learning Resource Center/library
  • Upgrade Financial Aid, Disabled Student Services, Counseling, Student Services and Communications Building
  • Construct Santa Clara Valley Advanced Technology Education Center including classrooms, computer labs, library, and Child Care Center
  • Renovate athletic facility for health/safety, upgrade physical education facilities
  • Upgrade electrical and utility systems
  • Improve Fine Arts lab, Art Classroom Building H
  • Renovate maintenance and operations facilities, including storage
  • Construct and renovate parking facilities
  • Renovate auxiliary services and Student Counseling Center
  • Retire capital financing

The bond program is designed to provide facilities which will serve current and expected enrollment. In the event of an unexpected slowdown in development or enrollment of students at the three colleges, certain of the projects described above will be delayed or may not be completed. In such case, bond money will be spent on only the most essential of the projects listed above. The District will work with the Citizen Oversight Committee on prioritizing those projects in the event factors beyond the District’s control require that projects be reconsidered.

The allocation of bond proceeds may be affected by the District’s receipt of State matching funds and the final costs of each project. The budget for each project is an estimate and may be affected by factors beyond the District’s control.

The expenditure of bond money on projects on the Project List is subject to tough financial accountability requirements. Performance and financial audits will be performed annually, and all bond expenditures will be monitored by an independent, Citizens Oversight Committee to ensure that funds are spent as promised and specified in the Project List. No money can be spent on administrators' or staff salaries. By law, all funds can only be spent on repair and improvement projects specified.

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