Selection of Architects for Phase II Projects


  • The office of Capital Planning, Design and Construction, with assistance from The JCM Group, will make a survey of the proposals received and identify a preliminary list of 10 firms for each individual project. In consultation with each campus, this individual project list of 10 firms will be narrowed to an interview list of 5 or 6 firms. Each campus will then be asked to arrange an interview schedule for these 5 or 6 selected architects at which the appropriate campus representatives will be present, along with representatives from the District and JCM to provide professional advice. Interested members of the Board of Trustees may also be present. Invitations may also be sent to other interested parties, as appropriate.
  • After the interviews for each individual project, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 firms will be proposed by the campus for consideration for appointment by the Board of Trustees.
  • At a time to be arranged, the Board Construction Subcommittee will interview the nominated architects in order to make a proposal to the full Board of Trustees at the next appropriate meeting of the Board.