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Changes to Registration Priorities

Effective Fall 2014 Semester

The California Community College Board of Governors has unanimously approved changes that will establish system-wide enrollment priorities. These changes will be implemented in fall 2014 and are designed to ensure classes are available for students seeking associate degrees, transfer, or job training, and to reward students who make steady and efficient progress toward their educational goals.

Continuing students, in good academic standing, who have not exceeded 90 degree-applicable units, as well as new students who have completed their college orientation, self-assessments, and Education Plans will now have registration priority over students who do not meet these criteria.

Active-duty military and veterans, current and former foster youth, CalWORKS, EOPS and ACCESS/EAC students will continue to have first priority for registration as long as they meet the same criteria listed above. Current & former foster youth who are continuing students are exempt from the academic standing criteria.

  • New students must complete orientation, assessment and educational plan.
  • Students on probation should seek help to improve their academic standing.
  • Students nearing 90 degree-applicable units should carefully plan their remaining courses.
  • Continuing students who have lost their registration priority may appeal to have it reinstated. Check with a counselor to see if you are eligible for reinstatement of registration priority.

A student placed on academic or progress probation for 2 consecutive terms and/or has completed over 90 degree applicable units will have their registration priority adjusted to the lowest college student registration level.

Continuing students may appeal the loss of their priority enrollment status if they have verifiable extenuating circumstances and/or have declared a high unit major. The registration priority waiver will be available in the counseling office. If the petition is approved, the student's registration appointment date will be adjusted accordingly. Students who believe they may qualify for an exception should see an academic counselor as early as possible.

  • Extenuating circumstances are defined as cases of accident, illness, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. Verifying documentation will be required.
  • High unit majors include those majors that require 30 or more units of coursework in the major or area of emphasis.

Your success is important to us. We encourage you to take steps now so that you can continue your educational journey without interruption. Please contact the Counseling Office (if you are an EOPS, ACCESS/EAC, or CalWORKs student, contact your respective program) on your campus to make an appointment with an academic counselor to complete an educational plan: