After logging into your student portal account, navigate to the "Register/Pay" tab and then click the "Register" button: Register / Pay Tab Location

Register Button
Select the Term and click on Submit: Select Term
We will ask you to update your address, phone number, emergency contact information, major and educational goal the first time you log in to registration each semester: Update Demographic Information
The first time you log in to registration each semester, we will ask you to tell us if you are receiving certain benefits and why. If none of the situations apply to you, click the "Decline to answer" box, then "continue" button: Update Demographic Information
List one CRN in each box. When all CRNs are entered, click on "Save Schedule Changes": Save Schedule Changes
If there are problems with any of your class selections, a "Registration Add Errors" section will be displayed: Registration Problems
and you will see classes that were successfully registered: Registration Success
Now the critical last step to completing your registration – you must do this to prevent your classes from being dropped! Click the "Pay Fees & Complete Registration" button: Pay Fees and Complete Registration