Student Trustee Ruiz Places in Oxnard College Speech Tournament

photo of winning students at the Oxnard College Intramural Speech Tournament

Ventura County Community College District Student Trustee Josue "Joshua" Ruiz recently placed third out of 99 students in the Oxnard College Intramural Speech Tournament held on the college campus. Oxnard College students enrolled in speech classes were eligible to participate in the tournament on a voluntary basis. The tournament included three competitive categories: persuasive speaking, informative speaking, and oral interpretation.

Ruiz competed in the persuasive category and won in the first round of the tournament, then advanced to the finals where he competed against six students to place third. His speech topic was on student government. The framework for his speech was created through a 13-page class assignment; he spent a total of 68 hours preparing the speech, including time with multiple tutors. Ruiz is also an Educational Assistance Center student. The EAC promotes the educational and vocational potential of students with disabilities. Ruiz shared that even though he was born in the United States, he did not know the rules of the English language. The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Oxnard College, however, taught him how to apply the rules.

"I didn’t even think I would go to the second round," Ruiz said. "This was my first speech using an academic format." Ruiz enjoys speaking on topics related to equity. He remarked that his experience in the speech tournament serves his role as student trustee on the VCCCD Board of Trustees as he represents the voice of the student population. “I am thrilled that Josue had the courage to participate in the tournament and I am proud of his success,” said Oxnard College Professor of Communication Studies Amy Fara Edwards, Ed.D. "I know it is scary to compete in a speech tournament, but like Josue, most students surprise themselves when they do participate. After a semester of taking speech, your communication skills are greatly improved and your speaking anxiety is lessened," added Edwards.

The Ventura County Community College District is proud of Student Trustee Ruiz and congratulates him on this accomplishment and his commitment to diligently representing his fellow students. The next Intramural Speech Tournament at Oxnard College will take place on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Guests are welcome.


(L-R) Oxnard College Speech Tournament first place winner Samantha Ruiz, second place winner Alfonso Segura, Communication Studies Professor and Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair Amy Fara Edwards, Ed.D., and Student Trustee Josue “Joshua” Ruiz third place winner in the Oxnard College Intramural Speech Tournament.