Oxnard College Administration

Interim President Mr. Luis Sanchez, JD, LLM
P: 805-678-5808
E: LSanchez@vcccd.edu
Vice President
Academic Affairs/Student Learning
- Vacant -
P: 805-678-5891
Vice President
Student Development
Dr. Oscar Cobian
P: 805-678-5937
E: OCobian@vcccd.edu
Vice President
Business Services
- Vacant -
P: 805-678-5813
Dean of Transitional Studies,
Academic Support & Library Services
Dr. Luis Gonzalez
P: 805-678-5949
E: LGonzalez@vcccd.edu
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Dr. Cynthia Herrera
P: 805-678-5944
E: Cynthia_Herrera@vcccd.edu
Dean of Math & Science Dr. Carolyn Inouye
P: 805-678-5897
E: CInouye@vcccd.edu
Dean of Liberal Studies Dr. Art Sandford
P: 805-678-5804
E: ASandford@vcccd.edu
Dean of Career
& Technical Education
Mr. Robert Cabral
P: 805-678-5051
E: RCabral@vcccd.edu
Director of Project Acabado
(HSI Title III STEM grant)
Dr. Marcella Klein Williams
P: 805-678-5262
E: MKleinwilliams@vcccd.edu
Director of Facilities 
Maintenance  Operations
Mr. Bob Sube
P: 805-678-5821
E: BSube@vcccd.edu
Director of Fire Technology Ms. Gail Warner
P: 805-678-5026
E: TWarner@vcccd.edu