Content Basics: Photos & Graphics

drupal photo and graphics training

In this presentation, you will learn... 

  • How to find, crop and size photos
  • How to create simple graphics using Adobe Spark
  • How to search for images online
  • Naming and organizing your files
  • Alt Text and why it is important
  • Video and closed captioning

Finding a Photo

You can search our VCCCD Graphic/Media Library for images that are specific for each campus. You will find a quick link on the right sidebar or you can click HERE.

Every image area on your web page has a different dimension. Some are square, some are long and narrow. Choose a photo to compliment the image area.


Size and Crop your Photos

Don’t worry if you’re not a Photoshop master! There is a free online photo editor called that is simple to use and has just enough features to make you look like a pro. We will be using PIXLR for this training. 




  • home page screen shot
    Let's Get Started with PIXLR
    Select the PLAYFUL PIXLR option. You can try out the Advanced PIXLR on your own
  • PIXLR screen shot, create new
    Click CREATE NEW
  • PIXLR screen shot enter your image size
    Enter the SIZE for your image

    Some specific photo sizes are noted when you are editing in Drupal. You will find all of Drupal image sizes in the PDF here


  • PIXLR screen shot click the + sign
    Click the PLUS SIGN + to add a photo
  • PIXLR screen shot click image
    Click IMAGE
  • PIXLR screen shot scale and rotate
    Now let's get specific
    Be sure to zoom out so that you can grab the "handles" on the edge of the photo. Enlarge or reduce your image to fit nicely within the view window
  • PIXLR screen shot move and save
    Move your image and center it
    Click SAVE when you are done!