J. Employee Training

The IIPP Location Coordinators will implement and maintain an Occupational Safety and Health Training Program for their respective employees. The training program is intended to train and instruct employees in general safety and health work practices, and to provide instruction with regard to hazards specific or unique to each employee's job.

The IIPP Location Coordinators shall ensure that all managers and supervisors are knowledgeable of the safety and health hazards to which employees under their immediate direction and control may be exposed.

Employee training may include the following elements:

  1. All employees will receive training and instruction when any significant Injury & Illness Prevention Program modifications and revisions are completed.
  2. All affected or potentially affected employees will receive appropriate safety training prior to assignments when potentially exposed to new hazards, when assigned new work tasks, or when new chemicals/materials, equipment, or processes are introduced into the workplace.
  3. Employees will receive refresher training when new or previously unrecognized hazards are identified, when the District feels it is appropriate, or as mandated by regulatory requirements.
  4. Employees attending or receiving training mandated by this Program will sign attendance sheets and actively participate in training.
  5. Specific employee training will be determined/identified by the Location Coordinators and Location Managers in consultation with the Risk Manager, who may recommend appropriate safety-training consultants. This training will be designed to address department and task specific compliance and accident prevention needs.