G.OSHA Practices and Compliance

Illness & Injury Prevention Program

OSHA Practices and Compliance:

The Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, through the Injury & Illness Prevention Program Location Coordinators, will implement a system or systems to ensure that all employees comply with workplace safety and health practices. The system or combination of systems will include any one or a combination of the following:

  1. Training and retraining programs
    Training and retraining needs are identified and published in the training schedule.
  2. Current board policies and administrative regulations
    Board and administrative regulations pertaining to safety are published.
  3. Performance reviews
    Administrators and classified leadership will monitor ongoing performance and participation as required in this IIPP through the performance review process as identified in the administrative regulations and collective bargaining agreements.
  4. Safety Manual and Procedures
    Safety and health procedures and practices when developed and approved are published in the District’s safety manuals.

The District feels that positive incentives are a better way to support employee compliance with workplace practices. However, where employees are found to blatantly disregard known safety rules, regulations, or workplace practices, such instances will be addressed.

Employees found violating workplace safety practices or found jeopardizing the safety of any other employee, student, or visitor shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the existing District policies, administrative regulations, and collective bargaining agreements. Disciplinary action shall be taken for violations of management directives, rules, regulations, work practices, or policies. Any action taken will not violate employee rights under Cal/OSHA regulations and will be enforced in a non-discriminatory fashion.