Parking Permits

The VCCCD Police Department, in conjunction with the Student Business Office of each campus, is responsible for issuing and controlling all parking permits for the college campuses and the District Administration Center. Lost or stolen parking permits must be promptly reported to Campus Police on the campus where the permit was purchased. Valid staff and student permits issued at the Moorpark, Oxnard and Ventura campuses, as well as the District Administration Center, are honored at all locations.


A valid parking permit is required for all vehicles visiting campus. There are no grace periods.

A semester parking decal or valid daily permit MUST be PROPERLY displayed on all cars parked on campus.

LOST OR STOLEN PARKING DECALS ARE NOT REPLACEABLE. Notify Campus Police immediately if your permit is stolen.

It is the responsibility of every driver to know and obey the VCCCD and California Vehicle Code parking regulations. The parking regulations can be found at

Permits issued by all three colleges are valid for one semester only. Permits shall be affixed to the inside lower-left corner of the front windshield. Hangers are not permitted. it is your responsibility to ensure the permit is visible at all times. FAILURE TO PROPERLY DISPLAY A PERMIT WILL RESULT IN A PARKING CITATION. Permits may not be sold, exchanged, given away, duplicated, or purchased from any person or agency other than VCCCD. Any vehicle displaying a lost, stolen or altered decal is subject to citation and/or impoundment.

On motorcycles and motor scooters, the permit must be attached to the left front shock bar.

Temporary parking permits are issued by Campus Police to visitors, guests, vendors, and other people who may have business on campus. Such special permits should be displayed on top of the front dashboard inside the windshield, with the written side up. Again, failure to properly display a permit will result in citation.

  • Regular Full- and Part-time Faculty or Classified Personnel: Obtain a staff parking permit without charge by going through the My VCCCD Portal, clicking on the 'Employee Services' link under the 'Work Life' tab, and then clicking on the 'Order Staff Parking Permits' link. Permits are processed and sent to the Campus Police Station. A staff permit may not be sold, given or loaned to anyone else. It is reserved solely for the use of the staff member to whom it was issued.
  • Temporary Staff Members (Provisionals or Special Experts,) Contractors, and Vendors may obtain temporary parking permits at no charge from the Campus Police Office Supervisor, or by contacting the Police Services Department at (805) 652-7751.
  • Full- and Part-Time Students may obtain semester-long parking permits online only, by logging into and upon payment of the prescribed parking fee.
  • Daily Parking Permits cost $2.00 each and can be purchased at the parking permit dispensers in the parking lots.

Official Vehicles displaying federal, state or county license plates are presumed to be on official business and do not require parking permits.