This TIP LINE is available for you to confidentially share anything about a crime, a planned crime, or suspicious activity on any college campus, as well as any information about a disgruntled employee, an emotionally disturbed student, or a threatening situation which could develop into a violent act or assault. Knowledge of threats or potential acts of violence need to be brought to the attention of the Police Department, so we can immediately act to prevent anyone from being injured. All threats need to be taken seriously and any information provided will be acted upon.

The following are examples of information which should be reported:

  • The identity of someone bringing a gun on campus
  • The identity of a student or employee threatening another
  • The identity of someone who may be suicidal
  • Violent writings, notes, voicemail, or email threatening to others
  • Rumors of planned violence or an assault on someone
  • Use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol
  • Domestic violence occurring, or which may occur on campus
  • Activity or conditions that may be illegal or dangerous
  • The identity of a criminal suspect, or the location of a wanted person
Tip Line

Remember, the TIP LINE is confidential. You do not have to leave your name. Sometimes additional information would be helpful, and there may be a reason to contact you, so it may be useful for you to leave your number. But the most important thing is that the information is reported to someone who can do something about it.

Thank you for your call.