Web Relations & Experiences

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Under the Department of District Outreach & Marketing, the area of Web Relations and Experiences oversees the day to day support and operations regarding District and College Websites, Web Accessibility, Chatbots, and Online Tools and Resources. Training Sessions are developed and offered for assigned VCCCD Employees updating websites, creating documents, and other online public-use resources found on our websites.

Areas of Support and Oversight:

  •   Websites
    • Web Design and Content Management
    • Websites User Training and Management
    • Websites Analytics and Research
  •  Chatbots
    • Website Chatbots
    • Chatbot Knowledgebase and User Support
    • Chatbot Analytics and Research
  •   Websites Accessibility and Online Resources
    • ADA/Section 508/WCAG Compliance
    • Accessibility Training for Web, Tools and Resources
    • Media Accessibility Support
  •  Online and Digital Experiences
    • Online Engagement Strategies
    • Digital Media and Interfacing
    • Online Campaign Development

Services and Resources