District Administrative Center Staff

Adams, Dean 805-378-1510 Information Technology
Akers, Brian 805-652-5595 Information Technology
Amaro, Ruby 805-652-5570 Accounts Payable
Barragan, Claudia 805-652-5519 Human Resources
Barrett, Donna 805-652-5528 Contracts, Grants and Special Funding
Barroso, Laura 805-652-5506 Human Resources
Barton, Kelly 805-652-5527 Human Resources
Blair, Patti 805-652-5502 Marketing & Communications
Boman, Marc 805-652-5585 Information Technology
Brogdin, Kari 805-652-5569 Accounts Payable
Brower, Laura 805-652-5505 Chancellor's Office
Buckley, Lawrence 805-652-5511 Institutional Effectiveness and Research
Casas, David 805-652-5545 Contracts, Grants and Special Funding
Casey, Dan 805-652-5553 Payroll
Chavez, Anthony 805-652-5523 Human Resources
Chavez, Celestina 805-652-5532 Human Resources
Cobos, Terry 805-652-5558 Business & Administrative Services
Collins, Miranda 805-652-5571 Accounts Payable
Cooney, John 805-652-5564 Institutional Research
Curiel, Wendy 805-652-5592 Payroll
Daly, Jenine 805-652-5526 Human Resources
Day, Emily 805-652-5547 Accounting
Dembowski, Jim 805-652-5510 Human Resources
El Fattal, David 805-652-5536 Business & Administrative Services
Endo, Janice 805-652-5531 Human Resources
Erskine, Jeff 805-678-5893 Information Technology
Fenlon, Sara 805-652-5563 Purchasing
Fredell, Alexander 805-652-5500 Marketing & Communications
Gallagher, John 805-652-5579 Information Technology
Galvan, Laura 805-652-5537 Business & Administrative Services
Gillespie, Greg 805-652-5502 Chancellors Office
Harding, Karina 805-652-5562 Purchasing
Hott, Robert 805-652-5565 Courier and Warehouse
Ingley, Andrea 805-652-5525 Human Resources
James, Adam 805-652-5582 Information Technology
Jeppesen, Julie 805-289-6324 Economic Development
Jones, Brandon 805-652-5598 Information Technology
Justice, Joel 805-652-7751 Police
Kelly, Janet 805-652-5573 Contracts, Grants and Special Funding
Kisch, Janice 805-652-5561 Purchasing
Kitamura, Victory 805-652-5587 Information Technology
Lau, Jessica 805-652-5549 Economic Development
Le, Sunny 805-652-5588 Information Technology
Lopez-Villegas, Nubia 805-652-5567 Human Resources
Luff, David 805-652-5599 Information Technology
Lynch, Marisa 805-652-5522 Human Resources
Lyon, Katy 805-652-5533 Human Resources
Maher, Larry 805-652-5542 Contracts, Grants and Special Funding
Manley-Orm, Cheryl 805-652-5553 Payroll
Martin, Diana 805-652-5518 Marketing & Communications
McDonald, Eric 805-652-5584 Information Technology
McKinney, Rita 805-652-5532 Police
Miller, JoNell 805-652-5560 Purchasing
Mojica, Sylvia 805-652-5555 Payroll
Nagaoka, Janeene 805-652-5515 Marketing & Communications
Norris, Kirk 805-652-5543 Accounting
Paduano, Gina 805-652-5508 Institutional Effectiveness and Research
Paduano, Kimberly 805-652-5594 Purchasing
Quigley, Tina 805-652-5554 Payroll
Rainey, Anthony 805-652-5539 Budget and State Reporting
Rangel, Daniel 805-652-5574 Economic Development
Rodriguez Lupercio, Miguel 805-652-5517 Human Resources
Rodriguez, Oscar 805-652-5572 Courier and Warehouse
Rose, Mike 805-652-5583 Information Technology
Shamblin, Colby 805-652-5575 Information Technology
Shelly, Sunita 805-652-5552 Human Resources
Slane, Kim 805-652-5551 Accounting
Sorensen, Lisa 805-652-5559 Purchasing
Sturek, Jillian 805-652-5513 Human Resources
Thompson, Beth 805-652-5541 Accounts Payable
Twang, Lynn 805-652-5597 Information Technology
Wallace, Sarene 805-652-5504 Marketing & Communications
Ward, Marla 805-652-5578 Information Technology
Watkins, Dan 805-652-5577 Information Technology