Desire2Learn Tutorial

"My Home" Page: MyHome


The "minibar" is your main navigation tool to courses and personal settings in Desire2Learn.

  1. My Home link to the system homepage.
  2. Course Selector. Your courses are listed in the course selector, and you can sort them by course name or by date last accessed. You can also select specific courses from the course selector and pin them to the top of the list for easier navigation.
  3. Alerts

    navbar messages alert Messages: Email, & Pager messages.

    navbar assessments alert Updates New and updated news posts, upcoming end dates and due dates, new and updated grades.

    navbar activity alert Subscriptions New blog posts, and discussion posts in forums, topics, and specific message threads you subscribed to.

    If you have unread alerts, a red circle appears on the appropriate alert icon.
  4. Personal Menu: The personal menu contains links to your profile, notification options, account settings, and logout. Click your name on the minibar to open the personal menu.


The navbar is your main navigation tool within a course. It displays the course name, tool links, custom links, and custom link groups. Each course can have its own unique navbar to provide relevant tools and resources.

Understanding My Home and Course Home

My Home is your starting point inside the Desire2Learn system if you login directly at It is a central area for checking system-wide news and events, and accessing your personal tools.

Like all pages in the D2L Learning Environment, My Home has a navigation area across the top of the page. This navigation area includes the minibar and navbar. The minibar is a navigation area that contains links and menus specific to you, such as links to your courses and alerts about events related to you. The navbar typically contains links to different tools. Since My Home is an system-level page, the links on the navbar for My Home usually go to system-level tools or your personal tools, such as your Locker and Blog.

Course Home Course Home is the first page you visit when you enter a course. It is a central area for accessing course specific information. Like My Home, Course Home pages have a navigation area across the top of the page and a number of widgets that contain information and links. Information and links on Course Home are specific to that course. For example, the navigation area for a Course Home might contain links to Grades , Discussions and Quizzes for that specific course.

A typical "Course Home" Page:
Course Home

  1. NavBar course tools.
  2. Course title.
  3. "Widget" area. Course specific content such as news and announcements, content browser, updates and a course calendar for scheduled events, due dates, etc.